Anonymous: Any advice for someone running a two mile? 



I am assuming you mean the 3200 race?

Well, from my experience with the two mile race, here are some of my tips:

1. RELAX. No great runner has ever gone into a race panicking and has come out on top. When you panic, you lose sense of all rational thoughts and you psych yourself out. If you have worked hard and trained right, have faith in your training that it will carry you through.

2. The 3200 is a long race. A lot of changes can happen, so just because the race may have gone out fast and you didn’t start as speedy, give it time and run YOUR race. If you have a stronger finish than a strong beginning, do your thing, and don’t get caught up in the others’ styles of racing, vice versa.

3. Eat correctly and stay hydrated. Don’t eat anything too heavy or anything that will cause an upset stomach. Things like peanut butter, crackers, oatmeal, toast, a whole-grain bagel, nuts, a banana, Cheerios, etc will help you. Also, staying hydrated is very important, to make sure your muscles won’t cramp up.

4. STRETCH and run a lot beforehand! You want to make sure you are prepared and your body is warmed up. This will prevent an injury and you won’t go into the race stiff.

5. Have a strategy and plan for what you want to accomplish. Going into the race blindly can sometimes be good, but if you have a goal, you will want to make a game plan. Sometimes it helps me to break the race up into four 800s. Envision yourself accomplishing your goal and you are already halfway there.

6. Lastly, believe. Believe in your training and believe in yourself. No success has ever come from negativity. If you stay positive, have faith, and you did all you needed to do to train correctly, you will kick some serious booty ;) Remember, running is 90% mental and 10% physical. The body achieves what the mind believes!

Good luck! xx

Need this for when I race the 2 mile in 3 weeks